KxK Fruit participates in Freskon 2016 - Thessaloniki Greece

KxK Fruit participates in 2nd International Trade Show for Fruits & Vegetables

21 - 23.04.2016

Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Congress Centre

We would be glad to meet you there and and we would be pleased discuss our existing or future collaboration

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We export fresh greek fruits

Quality Fruits

We emphasize on the quality of our products and keep our clients satisfied. Our fruits ship to many countries and we receive the best comments about them.

We control the production

We are constantly in contact with our suppliers and our agriculturist scientists team advise them about the fertilizers and chemicals that should be used to grow the fruits that come to us.

Export Destinations

Our export destinations include more than 20 countries from Europe and Asia and we are glad to say that we are constantly building new trading relations.

Our whole kiwi, peaches and nectarines production is managed by TÜV HELLAS:

  • We control the production in the fields
  • Our farmers use specific fertilizers and chemicals
  • Our cooling chambers are specially equiped
  • Packing facilities are certified
  • Packing materials by certified suppliers

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